Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lakewinds Natural Foods

I have a job.

This is news, because I've been on the shelf for some years.

Ok, let's not go belittling home educating my children for 13 years.  Or mothering for 17 and a half.  Or some freelance writing.  A bit of blogging here and there.  Cooking up a storm in my kitchen.  Keeping house.  Gardening.

It's not like I sit around or something.

So in February, I got "back in the game" which means I have a bank account to which a paycheck is directly deposited every two weeks.  I engage, several days a week, with adults of the sentence-forming, conversation-making, life-living, leaving-the-house variety.

The best part?????


Super, duper healthy food.  Natural.  Organic.  Whole.  Delicious.  Local.  Seasonal.  FRESH.

Lakewinds Natural Foods

I work at the Chanhassen store.  There's one in Minnetonka, too, where I started my co-op experience nearly 20 years ago.  They are opening a new one in Richfield next year.

Have you ever been a member of a natural foods co-op?  You should.  There are plenty of them all over the country, and world, but if you live anywhere in the Twin Cities, join Lakewinds.  You'll be so glad, and so proud, to be part of a movement older than I am, doing good work in the community, teaching people about buying, preparing and eating delicious, natural foods.

At Lakewinds, I work in the Deli, and in the Cheese Shop.

I will admit, I have a thing about cheese.  I generally adore fat in all forms, but cheese/?  Fuggedaboudit.  Artisan cheeses.  Luscious cheeses.  I've been trained by The Queen of Cheese, who happens to be French, and she has dubbed me the Dauphine du Fromage.  I am honored by such a title.

Here I am, in the Deli.

We have to 'cover our hair' at work,and I have an official Lakewinds ball cap, but you know me.  Deli Girl, Dauphine du Fromage - she likes a bit o' color in her day - so I often wear a scarf  to coordinate the look.

In the Deli, we sell fabulous salads.  Of course there's a salad bar, but our Deli Case is full of salads and entrees, made right in the kitchen behind that green wall.  I love the kitchen.  I sneak in there often.  The staff is AMAZING and a load of fun, and I enjoy seeing and smelling (and maybe tasting) what they are up to!  They make our salads, our breads (in the bakehouse), our dressings, soups, entrees for the hot bar, desserts, and much, much more.

We also slice the freshest and best deli meats and cheeses.  All our deli meats are nitrate-free, gluten-free, MSG-free, and what you know I call "funk-free."  Our cheeses are all-natural.

We recently added a gourmet and gorgeous case of desserts - we're talking cakes, truffles, cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecake.  Let's just say it's a more-than-once-a-day task to clean the lip, finger, and breath marks off the glass, due to children (and, yep, some adults), getting very active in their gazing and ogling of the treats.

So I really like my job.  I like the people.  I like the food.  I love what we're doing at Lakewinds.

Come visit me.  I'll take you on a tour, show you the whole store, let you sample some tasty morsels in my department, tell you why you should become a member, and give you a reason to love Lakewinds as much as I do.