Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Master Grocery List

Hello and Happy New Year!

Sassy took a teensy hiatus during the busy Christmas month.

I didn't really create any new magic in my kitchen; rather I stuck to our favorite cookies and dishes.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, birthdays and fun.

But it's time to get back to it!

Do you shop with a list?  Or do you wander the aisles, trying to remember what you need, and end up forgetting half of the necessities and buying a bunch of non-essentials?  I answer yes to both of those questions.

I try my best to do a big shopping once a week, and then fill in with a small trip or two, usually on foot from home with a backpack.  Some weeks it feels like all I do is grocery shop!  And all my kids do is EAT!

Many years ago, I read somewhere about doing a Master Grocery List.  Don't you find you purchase pretty much the same things at the store each week?  I sure do.  Do you usually shop at the same store?  Same here.

The idea is to make a simple table document in Word, or whatever you fancy, with a few columns and headings.  I lay mine out to match the layout of my usual store, so I can scan the list as I roll down the aisles, which helps to not miss things.

Each category has the typical items I buy each week/month.  I leave space here and there to write in specific things.  I put a blank copy of this list on my planner (or posted on the fridge) the instant I return from a shopping trip, so I can start circling the things I forgot I needed.  See?  Even with a good list I forget.

You can train yourself (and your spouse and kids, oddly) that, when you/they use up the last of something, or think of something you/they want you to get on your next trip to the store, CIRCLE it on the list!

To start this simple project, go through your pantry, refrigerator, freezer, spice cabinet, cleaning cabinet, etc.  Write down everything into categories.  Then make your document!  If you are too lazy to make such a document, send me your email address and I'll attach back my document and you can copy it, how's that?

UPDATE 1/22/12 - Here's a link to a pdf file!  Pretty excited to try this new (to me) feature.  Click here to download the list I use.

Here's a pic of the whole doc (hard to see):

And pics of each section:

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