Monday, November 5, 2012

Freezer Storage

What do you freeze your soups-sauces-stews-whatever in?

Lots of people ask that question.  I make a lot of broth and soups.  And I make a lot of everything, so there's usually a quart or two of something or other than needs to go into the freezer for another day.

Today I'm making this:

One can never have enough Red Sauce in the freezer.  Trust me on this one.

There's a lot of talk out there about the dangers of plastic.  Some people prefer to freeze in wide mouth quart glass jars.  I've had enough breaking fun to decide against that plan.  My solution has been to use these wonderful quart sized containers, but I avoid putting HOT things into them.  It's the heat that leaches the chemicals out of the plastic and into your food.  They say.  Who are "they" anyway?


The pumpkins are just for interest.

My grandmother used these containers.  And they still make them!  I find them at my local hardware store, and some grocery stores will have them.  You can write on the lids.  They stack.  They fit nicely into odd spaces.  Just don't put hot liquid in them, and don't reheat in them in the microwave.

My kitchen freezer (top of the fridge kind, not my fave) is home, currently, to about 20 of these containers.  There's chicken broth, cranberry chutney, potato soup, wild rice soup, potato leek soup, pinto beans, black bean soup.  There are 5 rows across and it's 4 containers deep.  

If you say anything nasty about the Oscar Mayer hot dogs, I'll fuss.  They're leftover from our "feed the neighborhood dads on Halloween" party.  Humph.

So that's my solution.  Works for me.  Can work for you.  A pack of 3 of these containers runs about 3 bucks.  I have some I've used for 15 years.  They do not wear out or break or get funky in any way, if you follow the general idea I've given.

Now get busy.  Make some soup.  Freeze it.  Or Red Sauce.  And then when you are sick, or your family is, and there's a need, your kids or husband will have access to healthy simplicity.

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  1. You don't get freezer burn with these containers? And yes, I DID notice the hot dogs...