Monday, September 24, 2012

Consignment Fun - The Hanger

When I find out a new consignment store is opening in my town, I get ever-so-slightly excited.

Ok, a lot excited.

I've mentioned I like consignment and resale shopping, right?


The Hanger in Chanhassen is a new favorite place!

See what a big, bright, pretty place it is?

You can find them online at

But for pete's sake, go in!

It's located on the main drag of Chanhassen (West 78th Street), in the same strip mall as Byerly's, on the other end.

If you have things to sell, they are a traditional consignment store - bring in your fabulous items (no appointment necessary) and then you will receive 40% of the selling price - easy!

But hey, I am a shopper for the most part, so let's get to that.

The owners, Rena and Tina, are incredibly friendly and fun, not to mention helpful.  Their merchandising is amazing!  The young woman I've met who assembles ensembles and dresses the mannequins is SO talented.

Look at this wall of cuteness:

Yep, they put together the whole outfit including dress, jacket, scarf, jewelry and bags.  You'll find displays that include shoes in the mix.  Great for the "what goes with what?" challenge we all face.

I have bought skirts, jackets, jewelry, shoes, bags, jeans, pants and a winter coat at The Hanger.  All top name brand, all in terrific condition, all current and stylish and - hello! - a GREAT price.  As in up to 75% off regular retail prices.

Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor, Loft, Polo, Guess, and on and on.

Oh!  They have men's and teen's and kid's clothing, too!

So go visit.  Bring a girlfriend or two (I sure have, right Sarah, Sherri, Steph, and Liese!), or even bring your man because there's an incredibly comfortable sofa and chair for your relaxing needs.  Great mirrors, great lighting, easy to shop and find just what you need.  The Hanger is open every day of the week.

Have fun, and tell them Sassy sent you  :-)


  1. I had a GREAT experience on my trip to The Hanger! I'm so glad I got to visit. ~Sarah K-ay

  2. I wish there was one here in the West! Most of all I wish I had a bigger suitcase when I was there, so I could bring more home.
    Great store!!