Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Laursen Piano Service - Keeping us Tuned!

Many years ago, my mom found a new piano tuner.

Her former one, long gone now, was named Charlie and he smoked cigars and tuned the dickens out of her simple upright piano and then played a long and mean and lowdown boogie-woogie before he left.

Hard to replace a good guy.

She did find one though!  His name is Steve Laursen, and he and his wife Judy run their own business, tuning pianos in homes, schools, churches, theaters, etc.  is the web site address.

They're right here in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Their phone number is 952-988-9363.

I grew up playing the piano.  Then for years as an adult didn't own one.  One of those priority issues, you know, like diapers and groceries and mortgage nonsense.

Then suddenly, about 10 years ago, my Aunt Lucy offered me her old piano.  No one used it.  She knew I played.  And I was thrilled at the chance to have a piano again AND the fact that my grandmother and mom both learned to play on that old piano.

Let's just say after moving it and after years of not being used much, it needed some TLC.  Which is when my mom gave me Steve Laursen's phone number.

He fixed it right up!  And I pounded away on it, day after day, finding out that my fingers and brain and heart still had some songs in there.

God bless him, Steve comes back twice a year like a good dentist (ha ha) and puts the piano back in shape. He's smart like that - knows about changes in temperature and humidity and how that affects the sound of a piano.

If Steve and Judy can take such good care of me and my old piano, and help bring music into my house and family, they can certainly help you out.  And a bonus?  Steve is great fun to chat with while he's here.  He's interested in the kids and homeschooling and the new kittens and whatever other kinds of nonsense we've got going on.

Call him.  "You'll note the difference!"

Find him on Facebook.  (

Here's Asher and Elsa - currently taking lessons and making wonderful music for all of us.


  1. Too funny! I am also a huge fan of Laursen's Piano tuning and Clothes Mentor in Eden Prairie!

    Love, Marci