Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Resale Fashion Joy - Part One - Clothes Mentor

Friends are supposed to have your back.  Girlfriends, especially, and no area is more important than men and fashion.

True friends tell you when your boyfriend is a loser, and the truest friend will tell you "yes, honey, those jeans do actually make your butt look big."

My friend Sarah, who is probably one of the dearest, coolest, truest, most laid back and easy going friends I have, came for a visit last week.  A visit to me requires shopping, even when you're Sarah and are not quite as interested in fashion and clothes as I am.  But what a trooper!  She'll follow me around all day, as long as there's a respite at the pub and some Guinness in the ketchup.

In the morning before we set out, we took a walk.  It was cool and lovely and I wanted to show her more of my neighborhood and town.  We chatted our heads off and I maybe was a bit distracting and changed the subject a few times.  Apparently, Sarah meant to tell me something, but forgot when she got whiplash from another subject change.

So we're out shopping.  And I'm wearing a denim skirt and a t-shirt that day.  I come out of the dressing room with my own skirt on and a top I'd tried on.  I'm turning in front of the mirror, you know the way girls do, right?  And I see a HOLE in my SKIRT that is NOT where it should be.  Big ole' rip off the side of the hem.  This skirt is above the knee to begin with, so any extra miles of skin are not the look I am after.

The best part?  When I point it out to my dear, caring, observant friend Sarah - she says - wait for it - "Oh, you know, I noticed that when we were walking, but got distracted and forgot to tell you."

Thanks, pal.

Lucky for me, our next stop was Clothes Mentor, a designer resale boutique I frequent at least monthly.  Mine is in Eden Prairie, but there are other locations around town.  And 59 stores around the country!

Fabulous Rachel was working.  She knows me, knows what I like, what fits, and what looks good on me.  Talk about a true friend.  She knew just the right jean skirt to replace the one that was Sarah's fault somehow.

That's Rachel behind the counter.  She's leaving to work at the new store in Rochester.  I'm trying to forgive her.

I got my new skirt.

If you're a woman, who wants to be current and stylish but not a teenager, and wants the very best quality and designer clothing that has barely been breathed on, Clothes Mentor is your store.  And they are NOT a consignment store - bring in your gently used, name brand or designer clothing and they will buy it from you ON the SPOT.  No waiting for it to sell and then having to pick up your check.

Just look at one of the cute outfits they put together:

I know what I like and what looks good, but am not always sure of what to put with what, or what risks to take when mixing and matching.  Their merchandising is fabulous.  And they don't care a whit if you pull an item or two off a mannequin.  Ha!

I've bought countless items there.  Handbags, shoes, boots, dresses, designer jeans, winter coats, sweaters, blouses, and jewelry.

Purple velvet blazer?  Score.

Shimmery leopard skirt?  Got it.

Black velvet quilted winter coat with a (faux) fur collar?  Mine.

Designer jeans - two pairs?  Couple of weeks ago.

My latest and greatest?  Cole Haan gold metallic handbag - retails at $378 - priced at $67.50 - take 20% off that day - HELLO!

Sarah's a good friend.  I never hold a grudge.

Go to Clothes Mentor.  Tell them you read about it here on Sassy Family.  I promise you will not walk out empty handed, or with an empty wallet!

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